Soil test

  • Soil bearing  capacity(SBC)
  • Californian bearing ratio(CBR)
  • Light & Heavy Compation
  • Dirct Shear test
  • Consolidation
  • Shrinkage Limit
  • Triaxial Shear
  • Field Density & Moisture
  • Penetration
  • DCPT
  • Hydrometer Analysis
  • Relative Density
  • load Test


  • consistency
  • setting time initial & final setting time
  • fineness by blain Air permeability
  • soundness
  • compressive strength
  • Chemical Analysis*


  • Alkail aggregate
  • reaction
  • grading of aggragates
  • specific Gravity & water Absorption
  • flakiness & elongation
  • impact value
  • abrasion value
  • soundness
  • crushuing test
  • Ballast


  • Gradation
  • specific Gravity & water Absorption
  • silt contente
  • aklail reactivity
  • bilk density


  • tensile yield Elongation
  • Bend
  • Chemical Composition*


  • Sulphate
  • PH value
  • Chloride
  • TDS


  • Penetration
  • Ductility
  • Softening point
  • Absolute Viscosity & Kinematics Viscosity
  • Loss on Heating
  • sp.Gravity

NDT Test (Non Destructive Testing)

  • Rebound Hammer Test for assessing the Comp. Strength of existing concrete structure.
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test for assessing the integrity of existing concrete structure.
  • PILE INTEGRITY TEST (PIT) to assess the Length, Velocity, Formation, Cracks of Pile etc.
  • Reinforcement Scanning for Checking the Cover meter
  • Carbonation Test on Concrete

Pile Load Testing Services

  • Pile Vertical Load
  • Lateral Load Test
  • Electric Resistivity Test on Soil Properties
  • Plate Load Test to find out the Soil SBC and Settlement
  • Plate Load Test (K Value) to find out Modulus of Sub grade Reaction and SBC Value
  • Field CBR Test (Onsite) for Road Projects, Industrial Projects, Power Plants, Port Site etc
  • Load Testing on Bridges (Span and Slab Load Test) for Flyovers, Bridges, Metro rail/Road Works

Road Work Testing

  • Concrete Design Mix for all Grade of Concrete, Paver Blocks, Solid Blocks
  • Concrete Core Test along with Extraction
  • Concrete Cube Test by ACT Method i.e. ( Accelerated Curing Test )
  • Blanket Mix Design
  • BM Mix Design
  • WBM Mix Design
  • GSB Mix Design
  • SDBC Mix
  • BBD Test
  • GSB, WMM all test, WBM all Test
  • Existing Pavement Investigation thru Test Pits for Road Works
  • Soil Compaction, Onsite Lab Set up for Quality Testing Consultancy
  • Borrow Area Soil Sample Analysis
  • Dense Bitumen Macadam Thickness​ (DBM)​, DBM Bulk Density (gm/cc), Bitumen Thickness. Bitumen Bulk Density (gm/cc) by taking Core​, Gradation after extraction of Core.​